Section 1. Conditions of the Warranty

Compass Glass Ltd will only warrant the Sunvista system that has been purchased directly from and installed by Compass Glass Ltd.

Section 2. Extent of Warranty

a. The Warranty is effective from the date of the completed installation of the Sunvista system by Compass Glass Ltd and shall continue for the period specified in ‘Terms of Warranty’ in section 3 below.

b. The validity of any claim under the terms of this Warranty in respect of any defect covered by this Warranty will be subject to inspection of the faulty parts by Compass Glass Ltd.

c. Subject to the ‘Conditions of the Warranty’ in section 1 above this Warranty covers the free of charge repair or replacement of any component deemed defective resulting from poor workmanship or being faulty, however, in respect of the double glazed units, for the avoidance of doubt these are warranted against failure of the air seal and that each unit will be free from material obstruction of vision as a result of fogging or film formation on the internal surfaces. Broken or cracked units are not warranted. We would also refer you to clause 28 in our Terms and Conditions relating the nickel sulphide inclusions.

d. Compass Glass Ltd will meet all travel costs of its technicians relating to travel within mainland United Kingdom only. However, all reasonable travel costs incurred by Compass Glass Ltd technicians relating to travel to and from any destination where the Sunvista system has been installed outside of mainland United Kingdom.

e. The Warranty will not cover the cost of a Compass Glass Ltd technician visiting your home or location if there is no fault found with the Sunvista system. In such cases, this cost will be charged at the current daily rate.

f. Any components removed from the Sunvista and replaced automatically become the property of Compass Glass Ltd.

g. If the Sunvista installation is deemed uneconomical to repair by Compass Glass Ltd, the cost of removing, replacing and reinstalling the parts will be met by Compass Glass Ltd subject to the following exclusions:

i) The cost of providing any crane or lifting equipment which might be required to move any replacement glass units from the delivery vehicle to the upstand or to lift them into or out of the frames. These costs are to be borne by the customer as well as the cost of arranging for the closing of any highway or other access road (if applicable);

ii) The cost of any health and safety requirements during access and replacement of components or Sunvista;

The Warranty will not cover:


1. Any consequential or subsequent loss of any nature.

2. Any failure or defect outside of the period of Warranty cover specified in ‘Terms of Warranty’ in section 3 below.

3. Any failure caused by an accident or any other external cause where external cause includes, but is not limited to fire, theft, attempted theft or explosion.

4. Any failure arising from or caused, directly or indirectly, by any abuse, misuse or other improper use of the Sunvista system including but not limited to breakage or damage.

5. Any failure caused by using Sunvista sliding doors in a way that the system was not designed for.

6. Any claim arising, directly or indirectly, from:


a. Wear and tear, gradual deterioration or corrosion resulting from poor maintenance.


b. Any process of cleaning not carried out in accordance with the operating and maintenance instructions for the Sunvista system.


c. Failure to follow the operating instructions in the O&M Manual.


d. Use of the Sunvista sliding doors for anything other than its intended use.


e. Scratching or chipping of powder coated or painted framework.


f. Maintenance, overhaul, repair, attempted repair or modification or any resulting loss or damage caused where the work is not carried out by Compass Glass Ltd.


g. Atmospheric or climatic conditions, moths, insects, birds, vermin, fungus.

7. Any claim of whatever nature directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to or arising from:


a. Impairment of the Sunvista operation or performance as a result of local obstacles causing interference with the operation.


b. Any loss caused by acts of war, terrorism, nuclear explosion, sonic boom or radioactivity.


8. Any claim where the Sunvista, any defective or faulty component or any other part of the Sunvista has not been retained by the customer for inspection by Compass Glass Ltd.


9. The cost of providing access or Health and Safety requirements for access to the unit or any replacement parts or unit to the upstand or the arrangement and cost of any crane or lifting equipment to move a replacement unit or parts from the delivery vehicle to the upstand the cost of arranging for the closing of any highway or other access road if applicable.


Section 3. Terms of Warranty


a. This Warranty is for a term of 10 years from the installation date.


b. The term commences from the date of completed installation by Compass Glass Ltd.


c. The Warranty is transferable by informing Compass Glass Ltd in writing of the new owner’s name, address and contact details.


d. Replacement of components under the Warranty does not affect the term of the Warranty.


e. The Warranty will terminate if any work is requested and there is found to be fraudulent representation of the facts.


g. It shall be a condition precedent that all sums due [payment for the works] or invoices issued shall be fully paid irrespective of whether those invoices have been issued to the customer, the main contractor or any agent of the customer. This Warranty shall be of no effect unless all sums due to Compass Glass Ltd have been paid.


h. In the event of any dispute the parties agree to abide by any decision of the Glass and Glazing Federation under the Conciliation Scheme.


Section 4. Claims


a. All claims must include proof of valid Warranty or proof of purchase, please quote original order number when contacting Compass Glass Ltd.


b. The Warranty claim must be made as soon as reasonably possible after the fault becomes apparent.


c. Claims will be processed using telephone, e-mail or by formal letter. See contact details below.