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Compass Glass is a fabricator and installer of the Sunvista, minimally framed, sliding door system.  The company has been trading since 1991 and carried out the first-ever Sunvista installation in 2013.


Until then, the company’s core business had been structural glass installations, such as frameless glass facades, roof structures, balustrades, walk-on floors and oriel windows, which it still undertakes, and in 2013 the Sunvista system was added to its range of products. Sunvista, having only a 19mm wide interlocking profile and transition-free threshold has become so popular that it has become the core business with the structural glass aspects becoming almost ancillary.


Sunvista is one of the only genuine British-designed and manufactured minimal sliding door systems available in the UK and is manufactured in-house using a computerised, state-of-the-art CNC machining centre connected with associated sawing facilities.



Re-Format architects designed a large contemporary extension to a traditional country house and with several Sunvista systems including a four track system meeting a pocket door return at one end and a two track system at the opposite end which enveloped this magnificent kitchen and when opened up, created a huge open area below the colonnaded structure. 

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This Mark Ruthven Architects designed, new build, family home incorporated our first ever five track system which created an open area over 8 metres wide. Various Sunvista sliding doors and windows, as well as large areas of structural glazing including a 6000mm long, structural glass roof glazing, were installed throughout this impressive property.

The Water’s Edge on the banks of the Thames was designed by architect Holland Green. The building design had to maximise the amount of daylight entering the building but also to be thermally efficient. Frameless, Sunvista sliding doors and fixed glazing throughout the building maximised the light and made the most of the beautiful views. Neutral solar control glazing helped to reduce solar gain.



Portal House is a modern, open plan, five bedroom home designed by Edgeley Design. Extensive use of Sunvista sliding doors which enclosed the entire ground floor, with fixed, frameless glass and fully opening corners formed providing many opening options. There were also Sunvista windows installed on the upper floors.



This superb, glazed pavilion connected to this magnificent Georgian country mansion was created by AV Architects. They used 3.3m tall, Sunvista sliding doors with a fully opening corner, finished in a subtle anodised aluminium finish to blend in unobtrusively with the existing building.

This installation is now 10 years old but is still one of our favourites. This was another collaboration with Re-Format architects where Sunvista sliding doors and fixed glazing fully enclosed this spectacular indoor pool with special consideration given to the environment in terms of the type of glass specified. The stunning, structurally glazed roof light is also worth a mention.



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